His vision is filledwith compassion!

His vision is filled with compassion! He has a vision for the nation and it is to have a personality for the nation more than to have a nationality for the people. A nation should have a personality among the comity of nations to lead the country towards developmental advancements with a positive approach to people and their welfare.

When a nation achieves a true personality, the people automatically will attain the true nationality. In fact, Indian tradition speaks about universal family in which it advocates togetherness of all people irrespective of their cast and race differences!

Human beings have the highest intellect manifested as we have seen so far in the whole universe. Often, we feel we are alone in this vast universe. To sustain and survive human race with intelligence, understanding and reflection through all sources of knowledge.

Human behavior either accelerate or decelerate their developments. Human behavior is the important part of human study. Ethics is normative science studying how humans ought to behave. Ethics and morals go together. Human enlightenment through knowledge, philosophy etc.

Human race should more focus on divine knowledge that we can access from scriptures, insights, enlightenment, institution etc. While acquired knowledge transverse towards truth, divine knowledge springs from truth. Acquired knowledge focus on everything other than human being. Divine knowledge focus only on human beings. Acquired knowledge is evolutionary, replaceable and it changes every now and then. Divine knowledge is not evolutionary and it does not change and it keeps ahead in human values.

Human is the only species in the whole universe who kill their fellow species.

Vision for Society:
We should work together with unity of purpose with peaceful co-existence, prosperity, productivity and harmony.

Vision about oneself:
One should find himself in full expression with all his potential and hidden talents to be useful for himself and to the fellowmen.

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Dr. Habeeb Rahman is humble and simple with smile at face and drive in mind. He is active round the clock. He is Inspired with ignited thoughts, encircled by multidimensional personalities and a vibrant team of enthusiasts. He is a person who always looks for further and better.

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Dr. Habeeb Rahman is a very approachable person for creative thoughts. You can share with him ideas and thoughts about a better society. You will love his philosophy that people live just like a family. This is the philosophy of Unity!

Address: Chairman, Unity Health Complex, Mangalore, Karnataka, India
Telephone: +91-824-4245555
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E-mail: drhabeeb@uchsltd.com

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