People were always his passion

People were always his passion and continue to be his passion even now! The behavior of people was always a matter of interest to him. Why people do what they do? This query put him into a continuous study about human behavior since many years. One person is different from the other and what makes them different is very interesting.

While some religions said; one becomes good by doing good deeds; Islam preached that one must do good deeds and eventually become a good person. Becoming good is a matter of happiness. Hence, he advocates people to do good deeds at every instance.

Doing well always makes an individual pristine. This transformation from good to better is the study that he is specialized in. Study of human behavior; is ontology. Human beings are the only species in the world that fail to behave natural. People always confuse others with odd kind of characters and behaviors.

Dr. HabeebRahman had spent long hours and years on human behavioral study. He had attended seminars and courses with world famous management gurus and also has established close affinity with lot many high profile speakers and experts in Management and Scientific arenas.

He is very advanced in thinking and he wishes always to go ahead of time with new thoughts and innovative action plans, which are in line with topics of social advancements and peace enhancement. Societies that live together always progress faster and better. We are supposed to be the ambassadors of unity and peace. In society we see plenty of people who are uniting people.

Unity is the first step for prosperity. Unity in family and society is very important. When there are differences, we should understand the difference is between opinions and is not between people.

Differing in ideas and remaining in an ideal atmosphere of togetherness is a very important ingredient for prosperity. More ideas will open up, with more possibilities and multiple options. Looking into ideas in detail and creating an avenue for further discussions and analysis upon them will bring in more clarity.

Embracing innovations and enhancing them with resources make the society progress faster. Lateral thinking will help to have an external look at what we perceive and will give a different insight on the whole topic. Returning to the topic with such an enhanced vision will always open up new options.

Speed may be good in some cases and clarity is more important. Acquiring accuracy first and then speed is the way Dr. Habeeb Rahman practices in every major projects. Direction is more important than speed is his philosophy. Attaining speed in wrong directions will end up the journey wrong destinations. This is more dangerous than slow progress.

Progress is a must. Foundation is more important. Everything goes well once the foundation is perfect. This is where humanity need, to ponder on and prosper upon. Compromising on principles for immediate advantages will tamper the very essence of human foundation and eventually that will shatter everything.

What are the ingredients of a sustainable human foundation? The very first ingredient is truthfulness. A society that is built upon the foundation of truth will prosper in multiple directions and large dimensions. When you live in the truth paradigm everything in the universe will get aligned in your line of progress. Whatever comes in your way, some may even pose against you, or for you. Everything else will get aligned, and will attain speed and spread. Hence stay at the truth paradigm before you turn your vehicle of progress on.

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Dr. Habeeb Rahman is humble and simple with smile at face and drive in mind. He is active round the clock. He is Inspired with ignited thoughts, encircled by multidimensional personalities and a vibrant team of enthusiasts. He is a person who always looks for further and better.

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Dr. Habeeb Rahman is a very approachable person for creative thoughts. You can share with him ideas and thoughts about a better society. You will love his philosophy that people live just like a family. This is the philosophy of Unity!

Address: Chairman, Unity Health Complex, Mangalore, Karnataka, India
Telephone: +91-824-4245555
FAX: +91-824-2432691

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