Modernisationis Innovations and Improvisations

Modernisation is Innovation and Improvisation!
It is not a sudden change for the sake of replacement!!

Modernisation is another word misconceptualised to a large extent. New generation always has a tendency to approach modernisation just for the sake of a change. As an outcome; very often, they move away from the very foundation on which their empire is built up on!

For Dr. Habeeb Rahman; modernisation is not throwing the fundamental values of every existence. It is coined with extension, Expansion or Value Addition. A system which is deep rooted in a strong value system shall undergo tremendous changes as time demands.

New ideas and advancements in Science and Technology are always welcomed and implemented at every possible situations and occasions. Betterment in services and service atmosphere is always looked up on. Freedom to ask questions and to suggest solutions are visible at every place of activity. This approach helps for new thinking and ideas to emerge at every now and again.

A strong belief on a better system that works on team work is his strength. Meetings are convened on every proposal and the best always get caught with attention and appreciation. Awards and rewards are always waiting for the best thought and action leaders.

Unity stands first in many innovations in Hospital administration. New machines and diognostic systems are introduced at Unity as first in the region at many instances. Every day is a new dawn for modernisation and there will be new plans in the process always. It may be in the implementation of a machinary or introdction of a new mechanism to improve the services.

Modernisation is an attitude that open our eyes to evaluate new avenues in comparison with the existing set up. Outdated are to be outcasted and innovations are to be implemented. Dr. C. P. Habeeb Rahman always advocate the principle of a Paradigm Shift. Every modernisation is a paradigm shift. At Hospital Front; New machines for faster and clear diagnosis; New methods for a better cure; along with adaptation of the team into a New mindset for a holystic approach to people.

His approach is same in the area of education, entrepreneurship and society building. The best at the earliest. Let the fruits be enjoyed by a wide spread and spectrum of people!

Modernisation is in demand at Institutional and International levels...
There will be a better option available at every time; Just do that!

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Dr. Habeeb Rahman is humble and simple with smile at face and drive in mind. He is active round the clock. He is Inspired with ignited thoughts, encircled by multidimensional personalities and a vibrant team of enthusiasts. He is a person who always looks for further and better.

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Dr. Habeeb Rahman is a very approachable person for creative thoughts. You can share with him ideas and thoughts about a better society. You will love his philosophy that people live just like a family. This is the philosophy of Unity!

Address: Chairman, Unity Health Complex, Mangalore, Karnataka, India
Telephone: +91-824-4245555
FAX: +91-824-2432691

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