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Dr C. P. Habeeb Rahman, Chairman & Medical Director, Unity care and Health Services Pvt. Ltd. is truly a Global Ambassador for unity in its expanded spectrum and meaning. He never misses an opportunity to promote unity at every level of human endeavors. We always see a large number of acquaintances around him engaged in activities that promote unity and fraternity in society. Meetings, discussions, debates and other activities in sharing knowledge and wisdom is a regular phenomenon for long years.

He is a strong pillar of support towards every initiative that promotes peace, harmony and prosperity in society. Together we can fly high is his attitude towards everyone. His practical wisdom helped many in formulating creative ideas that surpass time and targets.

With expanded thinking, he always add value to every intellectual proposition and with extended support, he makes things to happen in a better manner than it was envisaged beforehand. Leveraged action and continued assessment make things to emerge better and brighter.

He always gives priority to issues like rural development and social wellbeing! Being a practical economist and a visionary with zeal; Dr. Habeeb Rahman had presented many ideas like Capital Pool for Indian Medical Association, Muslim Capital Pool for Educational Excellence and many other Micro and Macro Economic Projects for the wellbeing of the poor, needy and marginalized.

His foresight is far ahead with the contemporary men of wisdom! He started talking about a knowledge society much before the society started to talk on the topic. He could introduce preventive aspects of healthcare when the surroundings were talking about management of diseases. And as others talk on preventive healthcare; he could talk about a complete Wellness Industry. This is the secret of Unity Health complex to remain a totally new hospital even after 35 years of its inception. Unity is counted in Hospitality Industry while it performs the task of a Multi Specialty Hospital Complex.

We see something innovative and Unique in Unity every time. Unity provides the best in the Industry especially in critical care and in super specialty areas like Cardiology, Neurology, Trauma, Gastro Entrology and many other areas. People prefer Unity when life become critical and Unity takes it their privilege to make life more vibrant and active. Life cant wait, you see!


  • Highly Modern in his approach
  • Firmly Traditional in his belief
  • Deeply Religious in his practice; and
  • Truly Secular in his outlook and behavior...

  • Updated always with latest technologies and knowledge, Dr. Habeeb Rahman stands positive towards modernization all the times. For him, Modern means what is recent. Modern is value addition; not throwing out the traditional values.

    Dr. Habeeb did his college education in prestigious St. Aloysius College, Mangalore and did his Medical studies at Kasturba Mediacal College, Manipal.

    The young Dr. Habeeb had a dream to go to America to practice Medicine. The sudden fall of family responsibilities on his shoulders made him to opt America out from his dreams. Now! Looking back to his decision that was painful in those days; Dr. Habeeb Rahman says: I am happy that I could perform equally well or even better without going to America

    Ladies and Gentlemen! We are living in an era where motivational speakers and writers need motivation. In this global society; we can see a huge gap between what people preach and practice. It is very apt as Dr. Habeeb Rahman insists; Character and Competency should go together and one among the two cannot go isolated at any time or in any ways.

    Gandhian Philosophy says: You cannot do right in some departments of life while attempting to do wrong in the other departments; Life is one indivisible whole.

    As an author; Dr. Habeeb Rahman had presented a wonderful book called Eleven Islamic Principles for Successful Living in which the 7th Principle has become a much acclaimed and practiced every day book for last twelve years.

    The seventh principle has expanded into Unity Islamic Diary; First of its kind in the Muslim World where time management is well-set between 5 times salath. UID helps a believer to practice religion so systematically and meticulously but effortless. A specially designed monogram Unity Salath Clock divides 24 hours into 5 segments. This gives a tremendous time planning effect. It is superior to all other Time Management Principles in the world!

    You will know the depth and worth of the book as you know the personalities who had appreciated the work. Among them are; Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India, Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Author of 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, Sheikh Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi, Luknow and Dr. Mohamed Ahmad Ali, President of Islamic Development Bank.

    Dr. C.P.HABEEB RAHMAN is an inspiration for all of us. He is a noble human being who considers humanity as one family and world as one home. He always thinks about the wellbeing and welfare of others. Active round the clock; he moves around like an ordinary man and always has an extra ordinary insight towards a vast variety of topics.

    As a prolific reader and a creative critic; he had influenced authors of international best sellers. He has an opinion on many International Issues that has far reaching impact in the future of the world as a whole. He does his best to make it the best.

    The earth moves steady and fast. The world that we all live is a moving flight and the destiny of the flight is in the hands of every one of us. All of us should become pilots as the flight passes through our zones of expert navigation. We can reach the flight of humanity to the zenith of excellence as we put in united efforts integrated with integrity, authenticity and legitimacy; says Dr. Habeeb Rahman. And we quote him; Unity is my favorite word. Unity with God and my submission to the will of God is the purpose of my life. Through unity with God I discover unity with humanity all around. A humanity that lives in harmony, development and services to one another bring peace to oneself and the fellowmen; now and forever.

    Dr. C. P. Habeeb Rahman is truly a Global Ambassador for Unity.

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    Dr. Habeeb Rahman is humble and simple with smile at face and drive in mind. He is active round the clock. He is Inspired with ignited thoughts, encircled by multidimensional personalities and a vibrant team of enthusiasts. He is a person who always looks for further and better.

    Contact :

    Dr. Habeeb Rahman is a very approachable person for creative thoughts. You can share with him ideas and thoughts about a better society. You will love his philosophy that people live just like a family. This is the philosophy of Unity!

    Address: Chairman, Unity Health Complex, Mangalore, Karnataka, India
    Telephone: +91-824-4245555
    FAX: +91-824-2432691

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