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One can see clouds in the sky or foresee a clear sky even when the sky is very much clouded. The one who foresee a clear sky will work for it and will surely achieve it eventually. We call them positive thinking people. At every clouded scenario, Dr. Habeeb foresees a clear sky and work to see what he has foreseen.

As a result he becomes a leader who brings a paradigm shift at times of confusions at Mangalore. Of course; these confusions are always created by people with ulterior motives. People at Mangalore love peaceful living and Mangalore is known for centuries for unity and fraternity in society.

Similarly; when there is hue and cry for alternate political parties across India, Dr. Habeeb Rahman suggests an alternate solution. Why cant we transform our present politicians so that they deliver better quality in the polity of India?

He started asking this question almost a decade and now there are some ears hearing it. Rays of hope are seen from New Delhi and the country may see the bright days in the near future. Political transformation is a topic that Dr. Habeeb suggests for a long time now.

At International Peace; it is the Israel Palestine conflict that makes clouded atmosphere everywhere in the world. Dr. Habeeb Rahman suggests finding out Intellectual ways and means to solve the issues than looking for political resolutions.

International forum of Global Citizens can do a lot in this regard; he believes!

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The Person

Dr. Habeeb Rahman is humble and simple with smile at face and drive in mind. He is active round the clock. He is Inspired with ignited thoughts, encircled by multidimensional personalities and a vibrant team of enthusiasts. He is a person who always looks for further and better.

Contact :

Dr. Habeeb Rahman is a very approachable person for creative thoughts. You can share with him ideas and thoughts about a better society. You will love his philosophy that people live just like a family. This is the philosophy of Unity!

Address: Chairman, Unity Health Complex, Mangalore, Karnataka, India
Telephone: +91-824-4245555
FAX: +91-824-2432691
E-mail: drhabeeb@uchsltd.com

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